Total Surveillance 360

Total Surveillance 360

It allows you to supervise desktop, block websites, software & P2P connections
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Total Surveillance 360 allows you to supervise and take control over the somebody's Internet and computer usage. For example, it can be installed on computers used by children, to track what they do and prevent them from opening programs or web pages with adult content.

The program has 5 components: screenshot capture, key logger, website filter, software blocker, and P2P blocker. With screenshot capture, you can take desktop screenshots in jpeg format and send them to a predefined email. You can customize the size of pictures, the time interval between taking the screenshots and the time interval between sending them. You can also set the key code required to bringing the application up to the screen again when the program is running. In order for the program to work properly, it must be configured with the sender's email, user name, password, SMTP address, port, and SSL data.

The key logger records every keystroke on the PC. With Web site filter, you can add banned websites, so that if somebody tried to access any website from the list, it would be blocked automatically. A log is created too. With software blocker you can block any program added to the list. With P2P blocker you can block ports that allow Peer to Peer file sharing, e.g. BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutela.

The program requires .Net Framework to work.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • Time intervals for taking screenshots and sending them to a predefined email can be set separately


  • Net Framework is required
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